we love you too

Thank you to all Leith Festival Friends!

We are piloting a friends scheme for Leith Festival – see more information below, but we would love to hear from you what you think we could offer to friends to show our appreciation for your support.

Individual Friends

Michaela Smith
Dave Sinclair
Zoe Mitchell
Jai Adami
Barbara Kerr

Why become a Friend of Leith Festival?

Show your support for Gala day, Festival week, and other events and activities we organise throughout the year.

Like any charitable organisation Leith Festival is reliant on donations, good will, sponsorship and funding to keep our activities going. Our friends – individuals and businesses have committed to making a regular donation to Leith Festival throughout the year.

The current funding landscape is challenging, and most grant funds require us to spend money on a particular project or activity, and only contribute a small amount to our core running costs. While we will continue to apply for funds to support our activities, and to discuss one off sponsorship with local businesses, we want to ensure that there is a way for individuals and businesses to show support for Leith Festival year round, if they want to, and are able to.

One off donations are fantastic, and are always gratefully received, but committing to an ongoing donation allows us to better manage our finances through the year and to continue to put on brilliant events and activities beyond the gala day and festival week.

Your support will allow us to ensure we can cover our ongoing costs, as well as to undertake activities where funding from other sources is not forthcoming.

What do friends get?


Suggested amount from £5/month
  • An acknowledgement of your support here on the friends page of our website (if you wish – you can also choose to remain anonymous)
  • Membership of Leith Festival (annual membership is £2)
  • A friend of Leith Festival poster/sticker/badge

As this is a new scheme we would be keen to hear what you think about our proposed offer, and what else we could offer to show appreciation for your support – please do get in touch with any suggestions.


Suggested amount from £30/month
  • An acknowledgement of your support, and your logo, here on the friends page of our website (if you wish – you can choose to remain anonymous)
  • 1/2 page advert in our festival programme
  • Friend of poster/sticker for your window
  • Advertise your business on our social media