Leith Festival runs on the goodwill of Leithers including

The board, members and amazing volunteers

Leithers Donating both time and money

and sponsorship from local businesses

Join the Board

Whether you just want to do your bit, or you are looking to gain skills and experience in running community events and festivals, joining the board is a great way to get involved.


At Leith Festival we are always looking for volunteers – particularly in the lead up to the festival, during festival week, and on gala day and at the tattoo. However depending on what we are up to there are opportunities to volunteer throughout the year too.

Become a Member

Membership of Leith Festival costs just £2 a year. This means you can vote in our AGM and will be first to hear about what we are up to along with our Friends.

Become a Friend

Friends of Leith Festival commit to providing an ongoing donation throughout the year. This not only helps to cover our running costs, but also allows us to use this income to put on additional events without needing to meet criteria set by funders.

Friends automatically become members, so can vote in our AGM, and are first to hear about what we are up to.

For individuals we suggest £5 a month, but you can choose to pay less or more if that’s what your circumstances allow.

For Business Friends we suggest £30 a month, but again you can choose to pay less or more as suits your circumstances.


We know that not everyone is in a position to commit to a monthly payment, and one off donations are always welcome – particularly in the lead up to the festival where our cashflow comes under more pressure than at other times of the year.

Sponsor Us

We love supporting and being supported by local businesses. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities to support most budgets, get in touch with us to find out what sponsorship opportunities are available.

Donate page – will be set up by enthuse