Going under my own name ‘Martina Cannon’ launching my debut album ‘Freedom’,I’ve formed a super group to perform on the album with me, they all happen to be my friends, we all met through our love of music:Paul Dennington on drums (Paul has his own band called ‘Wolfnote’ and plays for ‘The Violent Mood Swings’. Dougie Mathieson on keys (Also plays with Drouthy Neebors and Time to shine). Alan Moffat on bass (Also playing for Ernest and owner & producer of Leith Recording Studio). Danny Appolinari on lead guitar (Also playing with ‘The Violent Mood Swings’). Serving the city’s Live Music Scene for the last five years with my previous band ‘The Mean Reds’, by going on solo music explorations and by hosting Open Mics at The Jaffle Joint in Portobello and The Red Sessions at The Hebrides Bar.

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